Wrongful Termination Settlement Calculator

There is no way to know how much money an employment law case will be worth before it goes to court. Jurors aren’t required to use a specific formula, and decisions often come from a group of people who agree. However, you can figure out how much money you’ll get if you win your case at a court.

Calculating Value of Wrongful Termination Cases at Trial

Wrongful Termination Settlement Calculator

Economic Damages

To figure out how much money you’d lose if you were fired in the wrong way, you need to figure out how much money you made each year from the job you lost. This includes wages, bonuses, commissions, and benefits. If you don’t hire an expert, you’ll have to figure out how much some of the benefits you’ve lost are worth, and you’ll have to make assumptions about how much money you’ll make in the future.


After you figure out your annual pay, you should multiply it by the number of years you were actually out of work, and if the future number is correct, you should expect to be out of work for that long. In this way, you must remember that you have a responsibility to try to find a new job as soon as possible to lessen your damage. It’s also important for you to be a part of any possible changes to your compensation package.

In some cases, you may have already found a job that pays as well as or more than the one you lost. When you start that job, your financial loss will end. As long as that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to subtract any extra income you made after you were fired from your financial losses. Unless you can show that you made that extra money even if you hadn’t resigned (like the income from your second job before). Fired:

Emotional Distress Damages

It can be hard to predict how much emotional trauma someone will have because they are only subjective. There is no way for a jury to figure out how much emotional distress someone has. There is a limit on how much an emotional harassment award in New Jersey employment law cases can be. It can be anywhere from $ 50,000 to $15,000.


Major Depressive Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for example, can cause emotional distress worth close to $150,000 or more. This is because a medical condition that comes from a serious personal injury can be caused by being fired or harassed. Such as getting divorced because of stress or losing your home due to money problems caused by not having a job or income.

In the same way, severe harassment, such as physical sexual harassment or the use of hateful racist names, can cause a lot of emotional distress.

Punitive Damages

There may be penalties in some employment law cases that could be used to punish your former employer. However, penalties are set aside for only a small number of cases where the employer’s actions are “particularly bad.” There’s also no point in them, as long as your employer’s top management is involved in treating you illegally. As a result, it is hard to overestimate (if any) the penalties, unless the facts are very dangerous, when predicting the value of job opportunities. Because of this, when you get penal damages, they can be a lot more than your real damages.

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Lawyer fees and costs

A lot of the time in New Jersey, if you win a lawsuit against your ex-employer for discrimination or revenge, they will have to pay your lawyer’s fees. If you were paid by the hour, this figure is based on how much you would pay your lawyer if you were. It doesn’t show how you agreed to pay your lawyer. It’s possible that you could have to pay these legal fees and other costs when you go to trial.

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